When you request SQL there are three options. Local SQL which means simply installed on your machine, second is shared which means shared with others, third is dedicated which means essentially an entire machine ordered for the purpose of SQL.
Whenever we do an install we first ask if you will be using the local flavor as it imapacts the install process.
There is no need to have first read this article. As the technician will always ask. SQL must be installed from the start if it is going to be local. The technician will explain this.
You have some other choices to make regarding SQL. In the local flavor or dedicated you have a choice of platform. With the shared solution you will have to use whatever the flavor we are using at the time of the database request.
This is typically SQL for windows but there is no guarantee. You will always know in advance and it will remain the same throughtout the lifespan of the database.
Connection and Read/Write functions may be asked for in advance such that you do not have to worry about the database specifics. We can always point you to online docs for the current database.
The technician will gladly answer any questions you may have.