Base 64

We all have done it. Your trying to get an API working and you embed credentials to see if it is the conversion that is messed up or if your adding an extra character into that data stream and getting an access-denied error. Well, copy my base 64 code someplace and use the output, you know a pro is going to have a problem so if your at a big company Ill see you on something else maybe. Just view-source and grab the content you need and burry it, dont forget the Jquery at the end or you will think I gave you bad code. Make sure logs are off or use private server on lappy, you have permission. I know the thought of using someone elses sever with credentials is not a first choice. It might not even be the problem. Don't put in in a site you don't own. And please use the conversion code along with private access to the data. This is just to get you started.

If you can read js you can see that im clearly not storing anything. I still reccomend that you copy paste this small project somewhere safe.
Keep in mind this advise comes from a guy who likes to code(35 years) but I still can't.
Also keep in mind there will be a problem with the css and js files so if you grab the whole thing, get your css and js copy or use CDN.
Extracting my bs of course.