Web Programming

Ever hired or thought about hiring a server-side developer? The costs are just crazy, the money that they ask for puts a good attourney to shame. Not here. The first thing we do is break payments down to monthly. But that is just reorganizing the same mess, the second thing is to actually have low rates. We want your other business and feel that if we do a good job with one thing then you will be inclined to consider another. So generally speaking you can get a project done for much less and spread out the payments to something reasonable like $20.00 a month.
We write code in VB.net, not that it matters to you. But we have chosen one of the highest level langauges in order to quickly deliver results instead of tinkering with the code.
We write web based programs exclusively. They can be used by every platform that has a web browser so you cover all your bases quickly. Yes, a small cost in performance for both, but we dont write games. The result is something fast anyway.
In business, nobody is looking for speed they are looking for safe reliable code that works every time.
All of our programmers are also experts at assembly language so we make the choice for the business benefit not because we don't know machine architecture.
We have experience using every API you can imagine. With 30 years of experience. Since 1990. To list a few that you have likely heard about...

Certified on all major credit card processing network at one time
Amazon AWS™
Different Real Estate API's
Googles GMAIL™
osclass™ web interface
ASP and PHP languages Linux and Windows evironments
and many more....
Also experience using SQL from many different vendors. SQL refers to a database system.
We are also very familliar with HTML/CSS/Javascript. We are also familliar with frameworks like Angular™
If you have a project you are looking to get done. Drop us a line below and we will talk to you about your project absolutely free and private.

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