Virtual Reality Web and Ecommerce

The old adage "you dont know what you dont know" applies here. Unitil you join the millions using VR (Virtual Reality) you might assume it is coming or it is great for the next guy or gamer. The trouble with that logic is that VR is here. People buy from VR sites that make use of their equipment (Oculous Quest 2 ™ $299 or $399 Amazon™). There is a reason why Facebook™ already bought the leading VR headset manufacturer. The reason is VR is here. You need to react or be behind. I am not only suggesting us. But I am suggesting any VR developer for the sake of your website.
Coupled with our Simple Ecommerce platform (free and underging a VR flavor) your VR addon site will serve you well. Some rememeber the pre-mobile days where you had Because mobile had not yet taken hold. Today we have because VR has not dominated yet. Why not pick up the sales form VR customers or why dissapoint? The cost of VR will be nominal compared to the losses if nothing done. Soon, websites will auto jump for VR people. In the meantime, dev has to happen. Do you want to wait until you loose sales this holiday? Or do you want to have an alternative VR when people open their presents to find a VR headset like mobile phone? Where will they go? Your website or your competitor? One of the two will win. One of the two will get that sale and keep that customer.

Our own website is under construction. But there will be a soon. As we have recognized the need and building now, for the future customer. We suggest you do the same. (Release date 7-31-2021 expected)

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