Unique Forms/Survey(s)/Other

A web form, in the end, must also perform some kind of task server-side. Regardless of the method used to create the form itself. I am talking about the Wrodpress™ plugins, bootstrap or Angular sites - any web site. Sometimes they must be built, but in the end, they must do something. We offer both that simple process of creating the form and the business logic behind it server-side. Business logic refers to anything that is going to happen after the customer/user of the form presses the submit button.
It may seem simple when stated that way but that is the objective of this article. Yes, we say something simular in the article RESTful integration but we cant clarify it enough, because of the importance of the topic to each business.
Some providers try to solve this with the logic that "all you do" is point and click. The reality is that if it were that simple you would not be needing it to provide somethig unique. Your website's competitive advantage usually is what it does. If it were simple everyone would do it. You have made a step in even reading this. While other solution providers offer only pre-made solutions, our service is designed for those that need something more. It is business that cant get their challenges solved with the more simplistic approaches already out there that we try to reach honestly.
Our mission is to find and help business offer such unique capabilities. To do the thing that is unique that will need to happen, in order for the website to be unique.
Lets face it, after PPC or SEO or both, your platform must deliver not just advertise. If you get hits and your not unique then all the SEO and PPC in the world will not matter. You need your website to provide a service to the visitor that solves a problem otherwise your only providing information about a product or service that the visitor understands is available. The search engines are starting to recogonize the content of the website. The evaluation, at that level, goes beyond title, social media, and backlinks. SEO experts will tell you are required for the best performance today.
It goes to the point of whether or not the website offers something.
While search is starting to figure this out may not seem tremendously important, providing something unique to the human actually using your web site is. That person, not some search engine, is making the final decision on whather or not to use your service. So you see, it is important for future SEO but it is important for actual consumers.
What we do is provide the uniqueness you have been wanting from your website, that until now, seemed nearly unobtainable or expensive.
Some of those canned solutions are great because they will solve other challenges that you also need to solve. But, something unique to your website must also present itself - that is where we come in. Your response may be, were doing fine with what we got but thanks. To that end, I ask you look up the story of Kodac™ if you do not already know it. The point being, those that refuse to innovate will be gobbled up by the companies that make the effort to take that extra step.

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