Specializing in: Customer engagement. Seperate or included with dedicated server.




Answer inquires, provide inormation.



Provide excellent representation of the company while answering customer questions.


  • Reduce HR Costs
  • Sales
  • Support
  • Inormation
  • Problem Solver
  • Information Provider

Demo Name: Book a Trip

Check the input box below. It is waiting for you to type. Try "I'd like to book a trip". .

Chat bubble DYI implementation documentation. Go here

For conversation ecommerce SMS bot Go here

How we operate

We need a simple script from you with generic questions and generic answers. We handle all the variations. You can upload or email us the script.
For example, no need to specify all variations on booking a trip.
We work with all flavors of web code. What you need to be able to do is a get or post request.
We will work with you on that if you need assistance.
Then our system will respond. You can have the response customized or accept the generic text response.
One way to look at it is as a ultra simplified rest API.
The resulting content can be used with any application as long as it can perform a basic http request. We do not limit you to using from a website. It might be used in conjunction with a chat service or API.

Repeating Benifits

If you already understand the benefits you can skip this section
We listed the benefits above. However, it can't be stated enough. Customers need engagement
This is a well established fact in Marketing. They also need to know the five W's (who you are, what your offer is, when it can be delivered, where you are) for example.
We are appliedscience.com
We sell this bot
We work with you to deliver because every case is different
We are here online or physically in Arizona
Our demo is a form of engagement, your implementation could be quite different.
The idea is to provide something unique so that the potential buyer understands your not just another commodity. You are special
The default api is as simple as passing the msgbody and id the msgbody being the msgbody and the id being a conversation id.
We do not implement any header security but if you feel it is required or need more functionality we will be glad to help.

Start Today

We do not start billing until you have it working and are happy. So this first refundable payment is for our setup which will get you started. If for any reason at all you decide to do something else we will issue a refund.
Yes, we want to earn our customers.

Start Now-Monthly 20.00 Start Now-Annualy 200.00