Live Chat HTML

Live Chat HTML

Want to make the chat bubble on your website? WE should retitle this to style, html and javascript because it takes a tiny bit of all 3. Follow one of these guides to learn more. It is much easier than you might think. Before you just dive in to the html there is one thing we want to add. There are two parts to chat. The first part is for web visitors which we provide free. The second part and what you get when register is the domain part. Instead of an IP assigment you get your domain. This is also the part that website visitors contact you at. It will have your domain in the the first entry like ours.

Anyway no claim about best possible way just a clean and simple way to get it done. Choose you particular dev enviornment below. Happy coding...

One more thing. In case you landed here first we put link to homepage at bottom of list.

Bootstrap: here

Native code: here

WordPress: here

Home link: here