Google™ 3D . Any Camera to 3D

When a single 2d pic can show the whole product or logo.

3d Image in less than a minute displayed by Google ™.

“3D is no longer a promise. Its here. “

Why wait anymore to get a 3D look to your shopping experience?

It is so incredibly easy to produce 3d images now the time to replace the old is NOW.

It is an accepted fact that more people buy when they can view a product in 3D. It might be because it is closer to the real world experience. But for whatever the psycological reasons I don't need to preach to the choir about the benifits. We have all just been waiting for the moment when we could do this easy.

Don't take my word for it. Do this yourself it requires only a tini web dev experience at the end. With an example at the end. You can always contact us

Cube Made by through Blender
Step 1: Select your image.

What do you want to see in 3D?

Then goto this web site. I did, it reaally was free at the time of this article.

Make your 3D image. Make sure you are happy with the pic shown cause all were doing next is conversion and display.

Step 2: Get Blender another window.

If you dont already have a copy.

The most complicated step is to download and install.

Image Description
Step 3: Import the free STL or the PAID STL

I assume you have made a 3d in step 1 and are happy with the on-screen view

Taking the next obvious step and downloading the STL.

Import your newly dowloaded ".stl" file. Then export to GLB.

Upload your file.

Obviously you upload your new image GLB to the web.

Grab Googles' ™ model viewer

Add the model viewer html. View. Example 3D