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Live Chat: ChatMod AI

Get live chat ad-free on your website or web-app. Backed by our chat web-app. It dratically increses revenue, because it provides a convient way to ask sales questions or to get support. It is well worth the small amount of development (1 hour) that it takes to implement. A chat bubble is also widely known and used by most major companies.

What is very different is the AI. Integrated with Amazon Lex ™, it is a serious business chat AI. It has the worlds most powerful AI backed by programmers that understand how to custom implement it for your benefit. Save thousands and thousands and/or provide late night responce to customer inquiry. For less than the cost of a new office chair. AI Maintenence is important, people will dream up questions you never anticipated and therefore need to add an appropriate responce. This is day 1 (one) of our demo, come back and see if your question became part of our script. Some questions are very unique, the devs will add a reply just to prove this point. Chat customizations or UI suggestions welcome. If your interested in a different chat UI (Mattermost ™, Discourd ™) completely, we will offer our AI.

As a chat application it is the only one that runs quiet. Instead of defaulting to notifications and beeps it defaults to no sound or notification and lets the user activate sound while still keeping away from the pesky notification bar.

We are providing more than a chat bubble. With the second phone number feature, small business often use this feature to prevent the advertisement of their home phone number or cell number to the general public. The area-code is optional in most cases. It does not require a device with phone number(desktop).

We will utilize the phone number on your device if you install the APP and do have one. Sometimes you just dont want to use a second phone number and want to repond to chat bubble events and text your friends like a regular text over SMS system with the plus of having a chat bubble. Android only feature.

We buy a dedicated server for each customer so that the system remains fast and your data is on your server. Why have your chat mixed in with gamers?

Non-SMS Intenet chat is available. Best for phones and devices that don't have phone numbers. Contact us for more information.

You can send/receive text from each of the above sources. Without the need to jump around between apps.

SalesForce integration here. If your CMS has RESTApi we can/will work with any vendor.

The software app is $50.00 a month plus any AI programming, and will always be very easy to get started. We provide very comprehensive docs, support, and even setup a page with comments if needed. There isn't a website that can't run it.
The link to the documentation is Right Here

Click the chat Icon to the right for a free demo. There are some restrictions, but you can chat with our demo AI.

You can buy but we suggest contacting us first.